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01/01/14 08:01 PM #28    


Jean Rodgers (Kozlowski)





01/01/14 08:28 PM #29    


Phyllis Solomon (Starr)

happy healthy 2014 to all of our 1961 classmates.

phyllis solomon starr

02/01/14 02:59 PM #30    


David Ladabouche

Happy Birthday to Barry Cowles and Don Seiple...Another year on the sunny side of the soil!! 


12/21/17 10:02 AM #31    

Jolene Fowner (Smart)

Hello Class of 1961

I am the granddaughter of one of your almumater, Barry J McCormick.  Barry married my grandmother Patricia Ann Irish who was a year younger but also attended Manchester High School. If anyone has any photo or old stories to share I would love to see/hear them. My grandfather died when i was just a toddler so I never met him.


Much love ,


12/18/19 12:35 PM #32    

Robert Fritz

12/19/19 04:29 PM #33    

Grace Guarnaccia (Bibisi)

Wishing a Merry Christmas  and a Blessed New Year to all.

03/19/20 02:11 PM #34    


Kathy Lewis (Williams)

These are special and unprecedented times without a doubt.  Hope you are all doing well in the various states of self-isolation and "social distancing".  This is one time that social media is a good thing as long as we keep in mind not everything we see there is fact.  When looking at information about coronavirus, be sure it comes from the CDC, WHO or local officials.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy.  We will get through this.  Here is a little humor to help.

04/15/20 08:50 AM #35    

Bruce Murray

I'll speak to the isolation. We're in a "walkable" community, where houses are 6 to about 15 feet apart. We're just as isolated and for the first time we understand that we are "seniors". Five different people have offered to pick up groceries for us. While we get out ourselves for curbside pickup we have occasionally allowed others to shop for us. We also walk but in this neighborhood we have to watch for others and cross the street often to avoid unacceptable contact with others. 

Our church (Unitarian) has a daily session on Zoom where we can talk amongst ourselves and just offer support. It's been so good for that community that I subcribed to Zoom ($150/year) and now meet with family - Louisville, Los Angeles, and Taiwan) - more often than before. A basic version of Zoom allowes video meeting for up to 40 minutes. 

I think the key is to pursue hobbies, and to reach out to friends old and new. I'm in contact with two MHS graduates now. 

As our Kentucky governor says. "We will get through this, together." with the emphasis on "together".

04/16/20 08:32 AM #36    


Kathy Lewis (Williams)

I also live in a walkable community.  We are extremely rural so there are no sidewalks but my neighbors respect "distant socialization".  We are usually on the opposite side of the street while talking to one another.
The 40 minute limit on free Zoom accounts is for one session but you can have as many sessions as you want in a day.

I subscribed to Zoom and host a lot of gatherings both family and friends.  I have read to my great grandchildren using Zoom and love when my great grandson reaches out to touch the pages when I turn the book so they can see the pictures.

My church asked if I would be a pen-pal for a pre-teen girl and that has gone well.

Lots of things we can do to stay in touch and not totally isolated.

This was our Easter gathering.  Some were not on camera when I took the screen shot.

09/17/21 11:25 AM #37    


David Sibrinsz

Just got a message that there was a change to the Reunion Survey but can't tell what has changed.

Can a notation of some kind or have new items posted in a different color be used to show new information?



03/29/22 12:53 PM #38    


Kathy Lewis (Williams)

How odd that the class of 1961 will be having a 61st reunion due to the pandemic postponing our 60th.

The reunion is scheduled for Friday, September 16, 2022 at the Manchester Country Club.

Invitations will be in the mail over the next two weeks.  Please be sure your address is up to date in your contact information if you want to be sure to receive an invitation.

Look forward to seeing as many as possible for a social evening of catching up on what is going on with each of you.

03/30/22 05:53 AM #39    


William Rick Smith

Sorry can't remember face's after all theses years.  Australia's greatest asset is we take anyone in willing to come.  If your willing and able worth the trip.

03/30/22 09:07 PM #40    

R. Dean Cosma

hi Rick Dean cosma last time I saw u I was at Hussein college in Bangor Maine text me sometime @

03/30/22 09:07 PM #41    

R. Dean Cosma

hi Rick Dean cosma last time I saw u I was at Hussein college in Bangor Maine text me sometime @

03/31/22 05:48 PM #42    

Dorothy Sousa (Yeomans)


04/19/22 12:53 PM #43    


David Sibrinsz

In the list of missing classmates Leila Lussier, Lance Stewart and Shelby Simon Wiley are all

listed on In Memory.


07/02/22 05:23 PM #44    

John Golden

I was so sorry to see today that we lost Karl Kehler in December 2019.  Karl was one of the five of us that went to MIT in 1961.  I always enjoyed competing with Karl in high school and he really did so much better at MIT than I did, but we both graduated and moved on.  My special prayers to his family especially Marlene Forde Kehler who was also in our class.

09/09/22 06:36 PM #45    


Samuel McCloud

I was planning on attending the reunion on the 16th but, sorry to say, I will not be able to attend.  With luck I hope to see all at the next one.  Best Wishes to everyone.  Have fun.  Sam McCloud

09/10/22 01:25 PM #46    


Marilyn Rose (Matthews)

Just wondering.... are there any class members who opted totally out of the Vaccine? 

How about the boosters?

09/10/22 07:15 PM #47    


Henry Minor

Has them all plus boosters.  Still kickin'

09/10/22 09:25 PM #48    


Phyllis Solomon (Starr)

Had 2 vaccinations, 2 boosters and having 3 rd booster next week!  We are "old" now and want to stay healthy!

09/25/22 11:53 AM #49    


Marilyn Rose (Matthews)

I've been looking through the pictures posted of the recent Reunion and I'm amazed at how great you all look!! I am still having a hard time picking out who is who though because I haven't seen any of you since 1961 pretty much !!! I wish so much that I could get up to one of the Reunions from WV but each year travel gets harder and harder on us.. but God willing one of these years we WILL get to see you all again !! God bless and keep you all !!

01/01/24 08:01 AM #50    


Kathy Lewis (Williams)

Happy New Year to all.  May 2024 be a good one for all of us and bring more sun to the Northeast than we saw in 2023.

01/03/24 06:58 PM #51    

Michael Coy

A belated Happy New Year to everyone from the West Coast! Let's all make 2024 a Great One for everyone!!!

03/27/24 04:41 PM #52    


Kathy Lewis (Williams)

For classmates that may be interested in some of the other classes websites, 1962, 1963 and 1964 all have websites like ours.  The sites are:



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